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Norcros Pro 10 Self Levelling Compound

by Norcros
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Norcros Pro 10 Self Levelling Compound is a single part polymer modified self-smoothing floor levelling compound.

It is suitable for levelling a variety of substrates including concrete, cement: sand screed, flooring grade asphalt, terrazzo and existing quarry and vinyl tiles. It is ideal for use with under tile heating mats where it may be used to cover the wired elements, providing a level substrate to tile to and also protecting the heating elements during the fixing process.

Its excellent levelling and flow properties make it ideal for preparing sub floors prior to fixing ceramic, porcelain or natural stone tiles or soft floor coverings such as carpet, vinyl and timber.

It has a setting time of 3 hours permitting early foot traffic and fast track tile fixing. Norcros Pro 10 Self Levelling Compound is designed to be used from 0 to 10mm thick in one coat, or with the addition of single sixe granite chippings up to 20mm.

Read the manufacturer's data sheet here.

Not sure how much leveller to use? Check out the manufacturer's preparation calculator here.