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Free delivery on all orders over £500

15x15cm Sima Quarry tile Corner REX

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SKU L034071
Original price £1.99 - Original price £1.99
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£1.99 tile
£1.99 - £1.99
Current price £1.99 tile
Dimensions 150x150 mm 
Thickness 8 mm
Tiles per sq. metre 44  
Tiles per box 44  
Coverage per box 1 m2 
Material Quarry Clay
Colour Red  
Finish Matt
Texture Flat  
Wall or Floor tile Floor File  
Area Indoor
Glazed ⓘ The coat of enamel or liquid glass that is applied to ceramic and porcelain tiles. Glazed tiles are non-absorbent so do not require sealing. No
Requires Sealing ⓘ unglazed tiles will absorb liquid, which will lead to staining. Thus it’s necessary to apply a protective sealant to unglazed tiles. Yes
Frost proof ⓘ Different types of floor tiles have different water absorption rates. porcelain tiles are engineered to be frost proof in temperatures below zero as they don’t absorb water (non porous). -10℃
Rectified edge ⓘ Has been mechanically cut or ground down to an exact size. The edges are usually precisely cut at a square 90-degree angle. No
Underfloor heating Yes
Anti slip ⓘ Slip rating given to determine how slippy a tile is. R9 has a small degree of slip resistance, right up to R13, which is the highest slip resistance.
R9 and R10 values are often used for domestic situations such as bathrooms and kitchens.
No (R10)
PEI rating ⓘ PEI ratings help you determine the hardness and durability of floor tile.
PEI 3 Light to moderate (normal) traffic.
PEI 4 Moderate to heavy traffic.
Fire hearths / surround Yes
Trim size
Supplier Sima gres
Manufacture Code 900972 DBC  

Double Round edge unglazed quarry tile has two round edges (REX) and is used on corners for a smooth rounded finish. Red Italian quarry tile. Also known as a bullnose tile.

To have a smooth rounded edge on one side use the Sima Quarry tile round edge (RE).

Traditionally used in fire places or as outside steps in conjunction with the sima round edge and sima flat tiles.

The tile is frost proof and low maintenance so it the natural and durable choice for any busy home or outdoor space.

To avoid temporary staining of any spilt liquids, we recommend sealing the tiles after fitting.

Please note this product is a natural material and therefore you may find colour variations in the tiles due to the way the product is made.

We recommend sealing unglazed tiles.