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Tile Adhesive

  • £19.99

    Ultra Tile Fix 15kg ProSuper Grip Wall tile Adhesive

    ULTRA TILE FIX PROSUPER GRIP WALL TILE ADHESIVE Ultra Tile Fix 15kg ProSuper Grip Wall tile Adhesive ensures quick and easy installation with its h...

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  • £30.00

    Ultra Tile Fix 15kg ProSuper White Wall tile Adhesive

    ULTRA TILE FIX PROSUPER WHITE WALL TILE ADHESIVE Ultra Tile Fix 15kg ProSuper White Wall tile Adhesive is a water-resistant adhesive ideal for high...

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  • £16.50

    Bal 15kg Green Star Wall tile Adhesive

    In stock

    BAL GREEN STAR WALL TILE ADHESIVE BAL Green Star Wall Tile Adhesive is a reliable choice for all your wall tiling projects. This 15kg tub offers ea...

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  • £49.99

    Mapei ECO PRIM GRIP PLUS 5kg

    Low stock

    A ready mixed universal adhesion promoter for internal and external use. Use as a slurry bond when preparing to tile on to none porous areas such a...

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  • £33.98

    Bal 10Ltr White Star Plus Wall tile Adhesive

    BAL WHITE STAR PLUS WALL TILE ADHESIVE BAL White Star Plus is a revolutionary wall tile adhesive with an advanced Fibre Strand Technology. This rea...

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The Tile Adhesive collection now includes an expanded range of products to suit any tiling project. In addition to the Ready Mix Wall Adhesive and Levelling Compound, we also offer flexible and non-flexible tile adhesive for both wall and floor tiles, as well as fast-setting and standard-setting adhesive options.

The Flexible Tile Adhesive is ideal for use in areas where there may be slight movement, such as on walls or floors subject to temperature changes. It is designed to move with the tiles, providing a durable and long-lasting bond that will not crack or break over time.

The Non-Flexible Tile Adhesive is a great choice for areas where there is little to no movement, such as in a hallway or on a bathroom wall. It provides a strong and secure bond that will hold the tiles firmly in place.

For those in need of a fast-setting adhesive, our Fast-Setting Tile Adhesive is the perfect solution. It sets quickly, allowing you to start grouting and finishing your project in just a few hours. This is ideal for those who need to complete a tiling project quickly, without compromising on quality.

Alternatively, our Standard-Setting Tile Adhesive is a reliable and versatile option. It provides a strong and long-lasting bond and allows for adjustments to be made to tile placement before it sets, making it perfect for more intricate tiling projects.

The Levelling Compound for Floor Preparation is a vital component in any tiling project. This product is specifically designed to ensure that the floor is level and even before tiling. It can be used to fill in any cracks, holes, or low spots in the floor, creating a smooth and even surface for your tiles.

With our expanded range of tile adhesive products, you can be confident that you have the right solution for any tiling project. Whether you need a flexible or non-flexible adhesive, fast-setting or standard-setting, our Tile Adhesive collection has got you covered.

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