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Free delivery on all orders over £500
Free delivery on all orders over £500

Outdoor Porcelain tile 60x90cm Optimal Graphite

We currently have 1244 m2 in stock.
£61.00 m2
Original price £32.10 - Original price £32.10
Original price
£32.10 tile
£32.10 - £32.10
Current price £32.10 tile

Request a free Sample tile before ordering If the tile is large in size you will receive an off cut approx 10x10cm.
If you request more than 3 different tiles you will be charged a postage and packaging rate.

Optimal Graphite is a dark grey outdoor floor tile.

Perfect for creating a stylish, minimalist look in your garden, Optimal comes in four neutral tones, reminiscent of cool, polished concrete. The understated tones and clean landscape lines of Optimal make it ideal for creating your own oasis of tranquillity.

A glazed porcelain floor tile, 20mm thickness. Combining indoor tile style and finish with the strength of traditional concrete paving slabs.  

Use this garden tile to enhance your outdoor living space. Perfect as a patio tile and can be grouted with Tufftop Jointing mortar, don't forget to prime the back of the tiles first if using a bedding mortar with Tuffbond.

The Optimal range delivers effortless style and the best bit is porcelain paving requires little to no-maintenance, meaning you'll have even more time to enjoy your outdoor living space. the perfect solution to pave outdoor areas in residential and commercial applications as well as any space requiring excellent technical properties and anti-slip features.

Please note that while we take every effort to accurately display each tile, variations in screen resolution, lighting and different production batches may affect your viewing. We recommend requesting a FREE tile sample to help you purchase the right tile for your home or business.

Price per Sq. Metre £61.00
Dimensions 595x895 mm 
Thickness 20 mm
Tiles per sq. metre 1.9  
Tiles per box 1  
Coverage per box 0.53 m2 
Material Porcelain
Colour Grey  
Finish Matt
Texture Yes  
Wall or Floor tile Floor tile  
Area Outdoor
Weight per slab 23.44 kg
Glazed ⓘ The coat of enamel or liquid glass that is applied to ceramic and porcelain tiles. Glazed tiles are non-absorbent so do not require sealing. Yes
Requires Sealing ⓘ unglazed tiles will absorb liquid, which will lead to staining. Thus it’s necessary to apply a protective sealant to unglazed tiles. No
Frost proof ⓘ Different types of floor tiles have different water absorption rates. porcelain tiles are engineered to be frost proof in temperatures below zero as they don’t absorb water (non porous). Yes
Rectified edge ⓘ Has been mechanically cut or ground down to an exact size. The edges are usually precisely cut at a square 90-degree angle. Yes
Anti slip ⓘ Slip rating given to determine how slippy a tile is. R9 has a small degree of slip resistance, right up to R13, which is the highest slip resistance.
R9 and R10 values are often used for domestic situations such as bathrooms and kitchens.
Yes (R11)
PEI rating ⓘ PEI ratings help you determine the hardness and durability of a floor tile.
PEI 3 Light to moderate (normal) traffic.
PEI 4 Moderate to heavy traffic.
Barcode 5902610575235

Porcelain Paving slabs

Bring stylish aesthetics that stand up to the tests of wear, time, weather, and everyday life to your outdoor area with porcelain paving slabs.

Low maintenance yet still head-turning years after being laid, they are the perfect accompaniment to a smart, modern garden. And our selection of lengths, widths, and pack sizes suit any and every project – via collection or delivery.

Porcelain paving is made from sand, clay, and other materials mixed together and baked at extremely high temperatures. The resulting porcelain paving slabs aren’t just pleasing to look at but also highly resistant to water, wear, and shocks. That means you can lay porcelain paving safe in the knowledge that it’ll cope with everything your family throws at it!

Porcelain paving can be used to bring life to outdoor patio areas, lawn paths, and even edgings around flowerbeds, walls, and fences. Whatever your style or project, there are plenty of colours and stone patterns to choose from. Moody greys and whites are perfect for contemporary garden designs, while red, neutral, and natural traditional stone porcelain paving is on hand to provide a rustic feel.

paving slab tiles 20mm in the garden

Why Porcelain

Porcelain pavers are manufactured from extremely pure clays and minerals that are fired at very high temperatures. They are harder, stronger and more durable than any natural stone and have superior chip resistance and an extremely low level of water absorption.

Being resistant to absorption ensures that porcelain paving requires little to no maintaenance. There is no requirement to seal, because porcelain is stain and mildew resistant, meaning that spillages are easily cleaned away. It also offers an amazingly hard-wearing scratch resistant surface making it the perfect outdoor solution for patios, terraces, driveways and garden paths.


Our Porcelain is batch coded for consistency across orders. A selection of our outdoor tile range is colour bodied meaning if chipped, you’ll be free of unsightly patches.


Aesthetically perfect clean lines, which allow the installer to achieve extremely tight and uniform joints. Mechanically cut or ground down to an exact size. The edges are usually precisely cut at a square 90-degree angle.


The perfect paving option for your dining spaces with garden tables and chairs.


No matter if you’re having some family over for an impromptu patio party or are prepping for a giant outdoor bash for the kids, spillages are easily cleaned away.


Perfect groundwork for everything a classic British Summer can throw at us, including slip hazards from our ever-changing weather and post-BBQ dance moves.


Create a garden you can love and enjoy all year round


Key Hints & Tips

Lay on a full mortar bed

Cut using a dimond tip, none serrated blade

Always apply cement based slurry primer to the entire back of the tile

3mm to 5mm joint recommended

Make sure you install on levelled surface as you would an internal floor tile

Recommended primer Tuffbond and Jointing mortar Tufftop

For information on cleaning and maintenance for porcelain tiles when fitting read our blog post.

how to fix and grout outdoor tiles


Plastic Adjustable Pedestals

Easy to install, and lightweight

The ingenious headpiece incorporates 4 x spacer tabs laid out in a crucifix formation set towards the edges of the headpiece:

  • tabs separate slabs and tiles to allow sufficient drainage
  • They create a uniform paving line so the tiles are laid completely straight
  • Being a suspended system, the weight of the tiles holds everything in place
  • Rainwater runs between and under the tiles so no standing water is left on the surface making the paved area safer
  • 11 different sizes to pick from

For more information click here