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Softwood grey wood effect tile 20x120cm in herringbone tile pattern with black metal tray holding teapot and doodles.

5 Style Tips for How to Lay a Herringbone Tile Pattern

The herringbone tile pattern is a classic design, characterised by its V-shaped arrangement of lines. The beauty of this pattern lies in its ability to transition across many media. From wallpaper and fabrics to rugs and tiles, the herringbone pattern is as timeless as it is simplistic, evoking a sense of sophistication and elegance wherever you choose to style it.

As we love tiles at, we're here to show you how to style a herringbone tile using a variety of tile types, including brick wall tiles (metro tiles), parquet, and wood effect tiles.

Herringbone tiles

One of the most distinctive features of herringbone tiles is their ability to add depth and dimension to a space, creating a sense of movement and texture. The pattern's clean lines and geometric shapes give it a contemporary feel, while its use of neutral colours and natural materials makes it a time-honoured design choice.

Whether you use herringbone wall tiles, herringbone floor tiles, or use them as decorative accents, the herringbone tile is a versatile and stylish option for any home.

Can any tile be herringbone?

As long as your tile is a rectangle, you can use it as a herringbone tile. The herringbone tile pattern is key, so as long as your tiles have 2 longer sides to occupy another V inside the one you're already made, you're good. This makes the herring fish skeleton V shape, which the herringbone tile pattern is famous for. 

Is herringbone tile more expensive?

No, the herringbone tile relates to the tile layout pattern so you only need the amount of tiles to cover your area, plus 10% wastage allowance for oops moments and cutoffs. 

Now that questions are out of the way, here are our top 5 style tips for laying a herringbone tile pattern.

1. Parquet Flooring Tiles 

Although traditionally a type of wood flooring, parquet floor tiles are now made from different materials like porcelain and terracotta. And this is where porcelain parquet tiles take on a different dimension; not only do they raise the styling stakes, but they also score high on the durability and easy-to-install scale too.

This makes them a more usable parquet tile to showcase herringbone pattern panache with. 

Picture golden oak wood effect tiles gracing your living room floor, underneath painted neutral wood panelled walls. Add 20's style accessories with decadent, round, side tables for the win.

Elegant Parquet Wood effect tile 8x33cm. Textured tile in living room setting with neutral walls, arm chair and metallic side table.

Set off these herringbone floor tiles with contrasting coloured tile grout for striking definition, or a complementary shade for the full wood effect tiles ensemble.

Or choose parquet flooring tiles in a terracotta tile package. Bring to life a vintage industrial country cottage fusion with rustic tiles.

Juxtapose rich russet tones against deep navy kitchen cabinets and set against marble effect worktops. Add metallic hardware such as bronze kitchen taps, or brass kitchen handles and finish with vintage bulbs in clear glass pendant lights for the industrial edge.

 Ca' Pietra Marlborough Parquet Terracotta tiles in a farmhouse kitchen setting with dark blue kitchen cabinets, white worktops and a wooden kitchen island. All with a vintage industrial feel

Marlborough Terracotta Parquet (coming soon) gives us all the farmhouse feels. Rustic textures and white grout make these herringbone kitchen tiles stand out and provide a real statement piece.

2. Brick Wall Tiles 

Brick style tiles are always a popular go to and perfect to pair with almost anything. An ideal candidate for herringbone wall tiles, all you need to do is decide which look you want to go for. 

From classic, neutral colours for kitchen splashback tiles against traditional walls and floors, to bold coloured tiles statements; the choice is yours. 

Cafe White Brick Tiles 7.5x30cm in a herringbone tile pattern as kitchen backsplash tiles. Pink kitchen cabinets with a belfast sink and shelving above.
We love how these simple white brick tiles are up-leveled from kitchen wall tiles by a gloss finish and dark grout, making the herringbone tile geometrical lines pop.

3. Brick Floor Tiles

Brick floor tiles are a popular choice for those looking to add a rustic or industrial touch to their home decor. Lay as a herringbone tile floor to add extra rustic dimension to your tiled hallway floor, kitchen floor, or utility room floor. 

Ca' Pietra Medina Rose floor tile and wall tile in a bathroom setting. With California Rose tile 60x120cm on another wall

These gorgeously rose tiles by Ca' Pietra provide a stunningly calming style statement on this double herringbone floor. The herringbone tile pattern elongates and widens a room's appearance, making it a brilliant choice for bathroom flooring.

Ca' Pietra Osterley Black Brick tile 11x22.5cm as black floor tiles. Reclaimed tile look with red vintage suitcase on the floor.

These shadowed and worn-looking porcelain black brick tiles provide a distinct vintage charm and character. Set against vibrant walls and metallic accessories for ultimate hallway opulence, giving your home a blazing entrance. Or pair with white bathroom suites and white walls for monochrome magnificence.

4. Different shades and colours

Spice up your herringbone tile floor with different shades and colours within the same range. This creates more of a room feature, drawing the eye.

Osterley Black Brick tiles 11x22.5cm. Create herringbone floor tiles with black and white brick floor tiles.
Replicate the reclaimed tiles look with these Ca' Pietra brick floor tiles.
Alternate between white floor tiles and black floor tiles to create this amazing zigzag effect. Here, the herringbone tiles ooze antique charm and can easily complement light or dark decors.Sea Breeze Wood tile 15x60cm in a penthouse flat setting with white sofas and a dining room table and chairs.
How stunning would these wood effect tiles be in a herringbone tile pattern? The sea-worn tones and hues provide a calming yet sophisticated air to any room they are styled in. And you could even herringbone tile them on walls, too. 

5. Large Format Tiles

Using large format tiles in a herringbone tile pattern is a wonderful design choice for both modern and traditional spaces. Large format tiles allow a more seamless and uniform look, while the herringbone pattern adds subtle visual interest and depth to the overall design.

These two elements combined create a sleek and sophisticated look, making them a stylish choice for any interior design project. 

Softwood Grey tile 20x120cm. Large format wood effect tiles in a living room setting. Metallic tray with tea pot and doodles on top.

 These wood effect large format tiles create an oversize chic feel when laid in the herringbone tile pattern. Muted greys complement these wood effect tiles simply for a classic, tranquil vibe, making them a stylish choice for any interior design project. 

So there you have it! Some awesome ideas to inspire you with herringbone tiles. As always, show off what you've accomplished by sharing your pics on Instagram and tagging us



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