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Sample tiles explained

View the quality, finish and colour of a tile before placing your order 

sample box from with sample tile examples


Can’t decide which tile style to go for? We know that choosing the perfect tile takes time and there are a lot of elements to consider. That’s why our free tile sample service gives you the opportunity to see how the tile will look with your interior or exterior, without committing to a purchase. Whether you’re looking for a bathroom tile sample or a kitchen tile sample, we have a wide range of sample tiles for you to choose from.

  • Up to 3 individual tile samples free of charge
  • Easy-to-order tile samples online
  • Letterbox delivery for convenience

Free Sample Tiles in Just a Few Clicks

  1. Simply browse our wide selection of tiles
  2. Choose up to 3 free individual tile samples (Maximum 3 to qualify for free delivery)
  3. Select ‘Free Cut Sample Tile’ on the individual product page
  4. Enter your contact and delivery details and submit your order

Sample Tile FAQs:

How much will my tile sample cost?

All sample tiles are free of charge. However, depending on how many you request you may be asked to pay a delivery charge. offer up to 3 individual sample tiles with free delivery.

If you request more than 3 sample tiles you will be asked to pay a delivery charge. The more you request the more expensive the cost will be as it will be based on weight.

3 different samples with free delivery

How will my tile sample be delivered?

Your samples will be delivered in a small brown postal box which should fit through your letter box. This will be with the Royal Mail.

If you have requested a lot of samples and paid for the delivery, the Royal Mail will drop off your order in a small square brown box. This is usually a 1-2 days service (no weekend deliveries available).

For information on how paid orders are delivered via palletways or FEDEX visit the delivery page.

How long will it take for my tile sample to be delivered?

Free sample tiles will be delivered by the Royal Mail 2nd class service. This usually means 2-4 days lead time but can take up to 10 days depending on how busy your local service is at that time.

If you request a lot of samples and have paid for delivery, orders will be delivered by either the Royal Mail or Fedex depending on the weight of your order.

showing a full size and off cut tile sample examples
Small tiles will be full size when possible. Off cut tiles will be sent when the tile is too big to fit the letter box

Will my sample be a full-size tile?

We send tiles out in small postal boxes so it will be posted through your letter box.

Due to size and weight this means anything bigger than 15x15 will be an off-cut of the actual tile.

For example, If you have requested a small kitchen sample tile such as a Metro 10x20cm or a Rustico 7.5x15cm we will do our best to send you a full-size tile. However, larger tiles such as outdoor tile samples will be an off-cut.

Please note we only send out 1 copy of each tile requested so you will not be able to ask for multiples of a tile. The service is for you to have a better understanding of the quality, texture, and colour of the tile you are requesting and not for you to set up a small wall or floor display.

If you have requested a multi-pattern tile we will send you 2 different prints to illustrate the range of patterns or colours you can expect. Depending on the size of the tile you may receive these 2 parts as off cuts such as the nikea 20x20 (2 half tiles sent) or a wood effect tile (2 different off cuts sent). This will only change to 1 off cut if you ask for multiple samples and the box is overweight.

pattern tile samples showing 2 different prints and cut in half

Example of how a Nikea 20x20cm multi pattern tile set would be sent as a sample request.

If you would prefer a larger sample of a specific tile, there is the option to buy this. However, we only offer this on certain products. If you’re unsure which tiles this applies to, our team of tile specialists will be happy to assist.

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