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7.5x30cm Cottage blue gloss tile with light blue kitchen cabinets with white kitchen island

Kitchen colour trends 2023 - blue tiles

The trend predictions are well and truly in for the kitchen of 2023 and nature-inspired colours are at the top of the hot list. We have been exploring the different ways to incorporate these shades into your kitchen space over the past few blogs and now we’re continuing boldly on with blue!

Yet again, we have a colour that goes well with every style your interior can throw at it. We’re talking clear sky blue, deep inky hues and rich Mediterranean blues all designed to whet your appetite and astound your guests. We'll even sprinkle in some dark navy and light blues, just because they're gorgeous.

Give your kitchen the (tile) blues

With so much information available to us, it has never been easier to revamp and refresh your living space your way.  If you’re still in love with your kitchen cabinets and layout, upgrading your kitchen walls and/or kitchen floor is a wonderfully effective way to gain maximum impact for minimal upheaval.

It really is as simple as changing a few components like tiles to transform your kitchen into your dream kitchen.  And, as always, if you're thinking of doing a DIY blue kitchen, check out our blog series Tile Like You Mean It to take you from project prep to finished article in the blink of an eye.

To give you an idea of what your kitchen could look like, here’s our blue kitchen wall tiles top picks to get your teeth into:7x28cm Agadir Lago Blue Gloss wall tile in a galley kitchen setting with grey cabinets, wood effect worktops and 90x90cm Baikal Blue Satin Large Tile floor tile

Baikal Blue Satin Large Porcelain Tile | 90x90cm | Dune Ceramica and Agadir Lago Blue Gloss wall tile | 7x28cm Dune porcelain tile

The vibrant colours and variation of shades of these stunning dark blue Moroccan tiles achieve an unconventional type of beauty and create a kitchen where the decoration is front and centre.

Choose this white marble effect porcelain floor with delicate blue veins and quartz inlays to steal the show.20x20cm Antiqua mix pattern tile set across half walls in light grey and cream kitchen setting. Cream wall units with wood effect worktop and belfast sink

 Antiqua mix pattern tile set | 20x20cm Victorian floor or wall tile —

A mix of designs, this tile choice is inspired by stitched and embroidered fabrics drawn from several different influences including Moroccan, Victorian and Art Deco prints and tied together in a soft blue colour palette.

Use these heritage and patterned tiles as a splashback against light kitchen cabinets to provide a hint of blue... 20x20cm Antiqua mix pattern tile set in a royal blue kitchen with black range cooker and white work surfaces

Or set with royal or dark blue cabinets for a bolder colour statement and a more cottagecore kitchen theme.20x20cm Olivia-M light blue scallop traditional hand made ceramic tile sample

Olivia-M tile | 20x20cm Berta ceramic wall tile by VIVES Ceramica —

Give your kitchen backsplash Mediterranean holiday vibes with this traditional handmade ceramic tile. Or pair with the plain white, textured Berta Blanco-M to sprinkle some wavey blue shades into your kitchen design

Tiles to go with blue kitchen cabinets7.5x30cm Cottage blue gloss tile with light blue kitchen cabinets with white kitchen island

Cottage blue tile | 7.5x30cm Ceramic wall tile —

Pair your light blue and white kitchen cabinets with a sky blue tiled kitchen splashback to give your space a calming, airy feel. Furnish with royal blue accessories to accent further.

nissel blue kitchen wall tiles in kitchen setting with dark blue kitchen cabinets, white worktop with inset sink and wood shelves either side of a window

Nissel Blue Brick Tile | 7.5x30cm Ceramic wall tile Mayolica —
Spice things up with an offset vertical tile layout in various Mediterranean blue shades to make a bold statement against white marble worktops and dark navy kitchen units

dark navy kitchen cabinets with white marble effect worktop, heritage design tiles and wood effect tiled flooring

Nikea Sephia mix pattern tile set | 20x20cm Yurtbay porcelain tile —

Nestled in between dark navy blue kitchen cabinets, this grey and white tile mix of Victorian and Moroccan style prints elevates the vintage theme beautifully.  Especially when finished off with a herringbone wood effect tile floor. 
For more wood effect tile ideas, head over to our Wood you believe it? blog.
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