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10x30cm Savoy Sage gloss wall tile half tiled wall in a cottagecore kitchen setting with white farmhouse kitchen cabinets, wooden worktop, vase of flowers and wooden kitchen chair

Kitchen colour trends 2023 – green tiles

Choosing the right colours can make or break your dream kitchen. Not only do they need to complement each other, but colours must work to create your desired kitchen ambiance. During this series of blogs, we highlight the hottest kitchen colour trends of 2023 and as nature-inspired hues are predicted to be top of the list, we’re showcasing the different types of green you can use to craft your ideal space. 

Earth colour palettes

As we bring the outside into our homes with organic, earthy palettes, there are many shades to choose from depending on your light/dark preference. Some of the most popular kitchen trends now centre on dark greens to promote a rich, forest-like vitality, and varying shades of sage for that calming, cosy cottage feel.

Changing to green kitchen tiles

If your cabinets and kitchen arrangement still work for you, one of the best ways to redecorate your room is to update the walls and accessories.

With that in mind, here’s some tile inspo to get the creative juices flowing:15x15cm Tabarca Verde Gloss wall tile in a kitchen setting with dark grey kitchen cabinets, wood worktop and belfast sink

 Tabarca Verde Green Gloss wall tile | 15x15cm Dune ceramic wall tile

In this ensemble, fresh forest deep green shades harmonise with natural wood effect surfaces and grey cabinets to imply a warm, welcoming Mediterranean mood.

Bronze handles and kitchen accessories have been added to further enhance the rich vibrancy.

31.3x29.6cm Matchstick Forest Mosaic in a kitchen setting with dark blue kitchen cabinets, marble effect worktop, sink and glasses on a shelf

  Matchstick Forest Green Kit Kat Mosaic | Original Style (

Deep and atmospheric, we love how this Kit Kat tile of green and blue oceanic tones surrounds intense navy blue kitchen cabinets. Yet, these tiles are as equally striking used in small splashbacks behind hobs and sinks.

Team with black kitchen hardware to complement your theme.15x30cm Venice Decor tile wall in kitchen setting with glass bottle and plant on a neutral glazed tiled shelf

Inspired by rustic Moroccan style, this aged look tile sits perfectly in older traditional homes and suits contemporary kitchen splashbacks just as well.

10x20cm Vita Natura Decor Brick tile and 10x20cm Vita Natura Brick tile in a kitchen setting with a coffee machine, good morning sign and plant on a wooden cabinet

 Vita Natura Brick Tile by Fabresa | 10x20cm ceramic wall tile and Vita Natura Decor Brick Tile by Fabresa | 10x20cm ceramic wall tile

The rustic colour and ripple finish make these aquamarine wall tiles a great addition to vintage style schemes throughout your home and kitchen, with faded printed cracks and grey worn edges giving an antique appearance. 

Enhance further by pairing with wood effect parquet floor tiles. Find our top picks of flooring inspo at the Wood You Believe It? flooring blog.

Sage is a wonderfully versatile colour that goes well with a range of shades to create a calming sense of wellbeing in the heart of your home. Employ as a backdrop for light, country cottage style kitchen units against honey wood effect worktops and you're on your way to achieving your cottagecore goals.10x30cm Aria Green Brick tile wall with green succulent plants on wood effect table

 Aria Green brick tile | 10x30cm ceramic wall tile

Want a lighter shade of sage? No problem! This muted colour palette is complemented with a highly glazed finish creating a modern rustic aesthetic, perfect for your light, airy kitchen aspirations. The great thing about sage is it works just as well in compact kitchens as it does in open ones, making it a truly flexible choice.

Combos for green kitchen cabinets

In situations where only a complete overhaul will do, dark green kitchen cabinets bring a touch of daring sophistication to your décor whereas lighter, earthy tones project a more rustic visual.  deep green kitchen cabinets with black oven, white gloss tiled wall and splashback and grey tiled floor

 Aria White brick tile | 10x30cm ceramic wall tile and Metro White Gloss Bevelled Brick wall tile | 10x20cm ceramic wall tile

The dark intensity of these green kitchen cabinets sits beautifully underneath the crisp marble-effect worktops. The additions of the on-trend gloss white brick style tiles craft a stunning contrast between cabinet, background and accenting metallic finishes. Juxtapose different tiling patterns to add a little je ne sais quoi.25x75cm Hard Rock Black Wall Tile in cafe setting with cakes and deserts on marble effect table with wooden stoolsHard Rock Black wall tile | 25x75cm Ceramic

Deep green cabinets also lean to black and grey textures. Such combinations make for a chic dramatic effect. Think slate tiled walls paired with cabinet mood lighting resting on a natural stone effect porcelain floor to accentuate your style.6x25cm London Brick Charcoal tile on side wall with wooden desk and shelving

 London Brick Charcoal tile | 6x25cm

Or if you’re partial to the dark side but want to imbue more light, a charcoal brick feature wall or splashback against a soft background could satisfy your curiosity nicely.

light sage kitchen cabinets with sage tile splashback and bare-brick wall effect tiles

London Brick Multicolour tile | 6x25cm porcelain wall and floor tile

A hint of sage on these cabinets balances beautifully with a light sage tile splashback to create a calming and welcoming kitchen area. Parallel with bare-brick effect wall tiles and accent with metallic kitchen door handles to round off the earthy aesthetic beautifully.

Take it to the kitchen floor

The kitchen floor is an important but often overlooked part of kitchen décor; a well thought out kitchen floor can pull together the whole style subtly or overtly, depending on your vision. It also has the power to change the whole feel of your kitchen, simply by being the only thing you’ve updated.

With that in mind, here’s a few ideas to get you going:45x45 Star Sage Pattern Floor Tile

Star Sage Patterned floor tile | 45x45cm | Peronda

Designed with a deliberate worn vintage effect, this sage rustic floor tile will enhance your country kitchen game when partnered with a variety of tile types and pastel-coloured cabinets.

60x60cm Milan Grey 10mm Porcelain Tile with multicoloured dried flower petals on the floor 

Milan Grey 10mm Porcelain Tile 60x60cm | indoor/outdoor living

Grey is one of those colours that can set off the shades around it; be it modern, contemporary styling or traditional, farmhouse themes, grey goes well with many different kitchen designs. 

If you want your grey kitchen tiles to ‘pop’, grout in white or a light colour. Prefer to blend them in? No problem; grey grout’s your go-to. But if you want sharp definition, dark grout is where it’s at.

To explore the wonderful world of porcelain floor tiles more, head on over to our flooring blogs and find ideas and inspiration.

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