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nissel black wall tile as a kitchen splash back with white kitchen units and sink tap

Kitchen Colour trends 2023 – Black tiles

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s not just where your food is prepared; it’s where everyone gathers, and memories are made. It’s also where feelings of warmth, care and cosiness are evoked so it’s important that your kitchen reflects you and your style. If that’s no longer the case, then it could be time for a refresh.

So, if your cooking space could do with a spruce, through this blog series we’ll give you a roundup of the predicted hottest colour trends to really set your kitchen on fire.

The new black

First up, we have black. A bold choice taken from a midnight sky, this colour can make your kitchen stand out and give you excellent opportunities for accessories and personalising your finishing touches. As black goes with everything, your complementary combinations are limitless. 

Pairing black cabinets with tiled walls or splashback lends to a variety of statements from a chic all black creation to an industrial incarnation with different colour accents. The choice is quite literally yours to personalise as you wish.

Tile it black

However, if you’re not ready to overhaul your kitchen units, simply revamping by changing your tiles is a great, cost-effective way to go. We’ve even got you covered on how to do that with our collection of Learn to Tile guides and blogs.

To give you some inspiration, here’s some of our favourite looks:

Nissel black wall tile as a kitchen splash back with white kitchen units

Nissel black brick tile | 7.5x30cm

Gloss black brick tiles on walls or as a splashback can bring a new dynamic to your surroundings. Smaller wall tiles give you the ability to choose different layouts such as a brick effect or herringbone tile pattern which can add an extra Victorian touch.

Visit pinterest to see all the different ways you can lay brick tiles on a wall. 

20x40cm Raku black metallic glaze ceramic tile wall with wooden kitchen side tables and ornaments
20x40cm Raku Black wall tile 

Mixing shades and textures brings a bespoke, authentic edge to your ensemble, sure to get your guests talking.

Combos for black kitchen cabinets

7.5x30cm Cottage white gloss tile with black stools and breakfast bar
Cottage White tile | 7.5x30cm Ceramic wall tile

A crisp and contemporary industrial arrangement, white gloss tiled walls are an excellent accompaniment to black kitchen cabinets. Tile in a brickwork pattern or add an extra Victorian touch in herringbone and join with dark grout for showstopping definition. Sit it all on top of a wood effect tile floor (more on that in our Wood You Believe it?! blog) for a nature meets metal finish.

20x20cm Oxide Ethnic tile set, 8 different prints as tiles on a kitchen splashback above workbench and gas hobs
Oxide Ethnic copper pattern tile | 20x20cm porcelain tile set Dune

If you’re searching for an alternative look, kitchen walls tiled in Oxide can give your space an intriguing ethnic air.

29.8x26cm Naga Copper Stone Mosaic as a kitchen splash back wall tile above work tops with wooden chopping boards

 Naga Copper Stone Mosaic | 29.8x26cm | Original Style (

A metallic bare brick effect mosaic surround or splashback create depth and sophistication.

Take it to the kitchen floor 

Black is easy to incorporate into an array of kitchen components including your kitchen floor.

31.6x31.6cm Harrow Grafito Pattern floor tile with chair
Harrow Grafito Pattern floor tile | 31.6x31.6cm Ceramic

Timeless Victorian floor tiles bring your vision to life, creating a multi-layered approach to your design.

Black kitchens are incredibly versatile and complement a range of interior styles from vintage to ultra-luxe or contemporary. So, if black is a bit of you, adding it to your décor is sure to turn up the heat in your kitchen.

View our full range of black kitchen wall tiles.

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