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Tiles for the Kitchen

Kitchen tiles are an essential element in modern kitchen design, combining both functionality and aesthetics. Elevate your kitchen's appearance with our diverse selection of wall and floor tiles available at These versatile tiles not only protect the walls and floors from spills and stains but also contribute to the overall ambience of the space. Whether they sport a sleek, glossy finish for a contemporary look or feature intricate patterns for a more traditional feel, kitchen tiles offer a wide range of options to suit any style preference.

From classic metro tiles to intricate mosaic pattern tiles, their durability and ease of maintenance make them a practical choice for busy cooking areas. With an array of textures, colours, and sizes to choose from, kitchen tiles provide the perfect canvas to reflect your style and infuse character into the heart of your home.

As well as supplying kitchen tiles, we also offer ideas and advice from styling your tiles and explaining the different tile laying patterns to how to clean your kitchen tiles.

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View our collection of ceramic tiles for the kitchen.
Choose from different styles, colours and sizes.

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View our collection of kitchen floor tiles.
Porcelain or ceramic tiles in lots of different styles.

Ideas & Advice

Shaker kitchen tiles

Blog article for tiling a shaker kitchen

When choosing the right tiles for a shaker kitchen stray away from tiles that are overly fussy or too decorative.

How to fix floor tiles

Blog article for how to fix floor tiles to different surfaces

Time spent on proper preparation makes fixing ceramic or porcelain floor tiles easier, quicker and ensures a better finish.

Tile laying patterns

Blog article for Tile laying patterns

You’ve chosen your tile but now you need to decide which layout to use when arranging them on your wall or floor

Modern kitchen tiles

Project Essentials


our range of adhesive for wall and floor tiles

Tile Adhesive for fixing your tiles to walls and floors.


our range of grouts for wall and floor tiles

Finish your tiling with flexible no mould grout in a range of colours.


trowel for adhesive plus other tiling tools

You've found the perfect tiles, fix them using the correct tools.

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