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Boarding for tiling walls and floors

  • £11.99

    Cembloc CemBacker 6mm Fibre Cement Tile Backer Board 1200mm x 600mm

    In stock

    6mm Thickness 1200x600 mm - 1 board covers 0.72m2 Highly Versatile Construction Board Delivering Exceptional Fireproof & Waterproof Protection ...

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  • £11.99

    Cembloc CemBond-Max Strength Hybrid Polymer Adhesive / Sealant 310ml

    In stock

    Solvent-Free Hybrid Polymer Adhesive Outstanding UV Resistance Ideal For Perimeter Sealing Of CemBacker Boards Size: 310ml Coverage: ● 10 Metres Wi...

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  • £10.79

    PREMTOOL XPS Tile Backer Board 1200 x 600mm

    In stock

    Perfect For Creative Interior Work. Can be used instead of tradition plywood to pre-board walls and floors before tiling. Lightweight Easy To Insta...

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  • £20.99

    JACKOBOARD Galvanised Board Washers 100 pack

    Low stock

    Galvanized Construction Board Discs: ø35mm Internal Diameter: ø5mm Quantity Per: 100 Pack. Use to with screws when fixing JACKOBOARD Plano Construc...

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  • £9.59

    PREMTOOL 25mm Universal Backer Board Screws PZ2

    In stock

    Size: 25mm x 4.2mm Choice Of Box Size Zinc Plated Self Countersinking Screws PZ2 Perfect for use on all backer boards (Hardie backer, No More Ply, ...

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  • £25.99

    Weber floor Flex Flexible Fibre Reinforced Floor Screed 25kg

    Fibre-modified, quick drying floor screed mix 25kg bag. weberfloor flex is a self-smoothing floor levelling compound — often incorrectly referred t...

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  • £46.00

    Weber PR360 Tiling Primer 5kg

    In stock

    5kg bottle. Suitable For Use On Walls & Floors Designed For Both Porous And Non-Porous Substrates Can Be Used On Internal And External Surfaces...

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A selection of cement boarding and accessories for preparing wall and floor surfaces for tiling.

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