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Shaker kitchen tiles

Shaker kitchen tiles

Who were the shakers?

Guided by their principles of simplicity and honesty as well as their highly self-sufficient communities, the Shakers manufactured their own tools and furniture as well as constructing their own houses in an attempt to create a heaven-on-earth. Although the furniture they manufactured was of a very minimalist nature, one cannot deny the amount of sheer craftsmanship that went into each individual piece.

shaker kitchen with grey metro tiles

Grey metro tiles on the wall

What is a shaker kitchen?

At the heart of every Shaker-style kitchen is an essence of craftsmanship, serviceability and the benchmark for functionality. Clean lines, bespoke furniture and the ability to utilise almost every inch of your kitchen are what make the shaker style kitchen such a popular choice.

shaker kitchen with wood effect porcelain tiles

Wood effect floor tiles

The perfect tiles for your shaker kitchen

When it comes to choosing the right kitchen tiles for your shaker kitchen you should stray away from tiles that are overly fussy or too decorative. Try to highlight your kitchens focus by choosing tiles that complement the symmetry and simplicity of the room. A great place to start would be to use a white metro tile as a splashback, grouted in either white or something darker to add definition to each individual tile. Most metro tiles make for a good splashback due to the clean cut appearance they give when installed. Another good choice is brick effect tiles – small brick slips bring a sense of coolness and a contemporary feel to the shaker kitchen.

shaker kitchen with brick wall

Brick slip tiles

A shaker kitchen should essentially have a light and airy feel so choosing a floor tile to complement this is important. Wood effect tiles are a great place to start when tiling the floor in your kitchen. Replicating natural wooden boards, wood effect floor tiles are more durable, require zero maintenance and come in a tonne of colours and sizes to choose from. Another great choice for a floor tile in a shaker kitchen is to use large format tiles with a pale colour. Complementing the kitchens already airy feel, large format tiles really add a seamless finish to the floor when grouted in a similar colour to the tile.

shaker kitchen with wooden floor and metro tiles 
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