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Moroccan pattern and decor tiles

Moroccan pattern and decor tiles

Moroccan inspired tiles are incredibly popular and it’s easy to see why.

Over the last few years Moroccan pattern tiles have stayed a firm place in the top tiling trends all over the world. The bold and bright patterns and colours provide stunning splashbacks, feature walls and floors for almost any room of your home. 


the Pavimento Padu by Mainzu


Pavimento Padua by Mainzu


nikea mix pattern tiles by yurtbay seramik


Nikea by Yurtbay

Dating as far back as the 8th century, Moroccan style tiles originated from the Moorish art form known as Zellige. Now known for their vivid colours and intricate designs, in the early days they were mostly limited to whites and browns. The way they came about was because of a simple design rule that did not allow Islamic artists to decorate their tiles in a way that would not portray living things. This resulted in the geometric patterns that are so familiar with Moroccan inspired tiles today. The patterns formed were then painted on to terracotta tiles which eventually found their way into mainstream markets. Once a key choice for royalty and religious establishments it is easy to see why the Moroccan style tiles are so incredibly popular today.


the pavimento antiqua tile


Pavimento Antiqua mix pattern tile set by Mainzu

The great thing about pattern tiles is that they can completely transform a room. When it comes to choosing the right Moroccan inspired tiles for your home it’s important to be aware of the impact that the colours and designs can have on a room. Tiling a full room with a bold and bright pattern would perhaps, be too much. However this style of tile make for some of the most eye-catching features found anywhere. Whether you’re looking to add some colour into a kitchen with a splashback or create a feature wall in a bathroom there is pattern tile to suit. The colours that Moroccan style tiles use originally drew inspiration from the environment, such as reds, blues and greens which can be seen in today’s replications.


the fenice decor wall tile in a bathroom setting


Venice Decor tile by Mainzu

The beauty of these pattern tiles is that they can be used in both contemporary and traditional settings. To make the most of their vibrant colours and patterns they should be paired with tiles that take nothing away from the feature. For example, a matt white tile pairs perfectly with a grey scale pattern tile, whereas a cream or ivory coloured tile would pair better with blues, greens and browns. Choose wisely when buying your plain tiles and the features you create will completely transform your room.

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