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Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles play a pivotal role in shaping the atmosphere and functionality of your bathroom space. They are not just a practical choice for moisture-prone areas but also an opportunity to infuse style and character into the bathroom's design. Whether opting for contemporary classics like metro tiles or embracing bold patterns with Victorian-style tiles, our selection of bathroom tiles can significantly impact your bathroom's aesthetics.

Our bathroom tiles are available in various materials, each offering unique textures and finishes to cater to diverse tastes. Moreover, bathroom tiles are known for their easy maintenance and ability to withstand the humid environment, ensuring longevity and hygiene. In essence, bathroom tiles combine form and function to create a comfortable, visually appealing retreat where personal hygiene meets individual design preferences.

From bathroom wall tiles to floor tiles, here at, not only do we offer a wide selection of tiles but are also hand to assist with any queries when it comes to choosing, laying or maintaining your tiles. Take a look at our Ideas and Advice section to find out more about bathroom tiling.

View our collection of bathroom wall tiles.
Choose from different styles, colours and sizes.

porcelain tiles that look like marble

View our collection of bathroom floor tiles.
Porcelain or ceramic tiles in lots of different styles.

Ideas & Advice

How to buy tiles

Blog article guide of how to buy tiles for the bathroom

Choosing tiles and avoiding pitfalls. A brief guide to help choose from hundreds of toilet tiles and bathroom products available.

Characteristics of tiles

Blog article for how to fix floor tiles to different surfaces

Here we talk about the different types and materials of tiles you can buy and where you can use them in your home.

Pattern tiles

Blog article pattern tiles as features

Moroccan pattern tiles are a top tiling trend. The bold bright patterns and colours provide stunning feature walls or bathroom flooring.

Project Essentials


our range of adhesive for wall and floor tiles

Tile Adhesive for fixing your tiles to walls and floors.


wall and floor grout collection made by norcros adhesive

Finish your tiling with flexible no mould grout in a range of colours.


trowel for adhesive plus other tiling tools

You've found the perfect tiles, fix them using the correct tools.

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