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Lisbon White Outdoor Porcelain tiles 60x60cm patio with fire pit, lounger and greenery outside french doors.

5 Timeless Outdoor Tile Trends

It's that time of year again when we look forward to making memories in the garden. Which also means noticing areas that could do with a spruce. And one of the best ways to give your outdoor space a lift is with outdoor tiles.

But we're not talking about any outdoor tiles; we're talking about the timeless styles that will serve your garden well in the years to come and make your outdoors unforgettable.

Whether you're taking the plunge and revamping your garden patio, or just dipping your toes into the outdoor tile pool, we've compiled 5 timeless outdoor tile trends to inspire you. 

But before we jump into that, we thought we'd answer a few questions...

What is the difference between outdoor tiles and indoor tiles?

In a nutshell, outdoor tiles have to be sturdier and more hard-wearing than their indoor counterparts. BUT some indoor tiles also specify they are suitable for outdoor use. How effective they will be depends on how and where you want to use them. We’ve pulled together a detailed guide on what type of tile is best for outdoor use over on our blog.

What styles of outdoor tiles are timeless? 

Because the word 'timeless' means not only classic styling but also damage and stain resistance, the all-around answer to this question is porcelain outdoor tiles.

Simply put, outdoor porcelain tiles are the most hard-wearing and stain-resistant outdoor tiles currently available for your garden. 

Sure, there are ceramic outdoor tile exceptions, like there are for most things. Just be certain you pick an outdoor tile with the correct credentials for your requirements, and you're good.

Porcelain outdoor tiles

The power of porcelain is a well-known secret and is the ace up most landscapers' sleeves. From their fade-resistant digitally printed designs to their anti-aging non-porous composition, we could wax lyrical about why outdoor porcelain tiles are a big deal.

So we did.

You can read about the benefits of outdoor porcelain tiles in our blog. We dare you not to praise the porcelain when you're finished.

Tile colours

With ageless exteriors, incorporating mostly neutral and natural tones really is where it's at.

While a rainbow of bold, bright colours might make you happy at first, once the fashion has turned, so will your smile. That's why we recommend your primary focus to be either cream floor tiles, beige floor tilesblack outdoor tiles or any of the nature-inspired shades in between.

Once you've chosen your base-colour beauties, you can always sprinkle in some patterned tile loveliness to add character.

5 Timeless Outdoor Tile Trends:

1. Natural stone effect tiles

Natural stone has practically been the landscaper's material of choice since time began. But, with the emergence of porcelain outdoor tiles, stone effect tiles are where it's at because of its realistic printed designs and simple installation process. 

If you want to find out more about tile installation, we’ve created a guide on how to lay outdoor tiles on our blog.

Outdoor Porcelain tile 60x90cm Magma Black stone effect tile and non slip tile in a garden setting with tiled steps and sheltered outdoor seating area with white sofa and coffee table.

Elevate your garden with a raised patio and steps in Magma for timeless elegance and optimum functionality.

Take this dramatic slate effect tile, for example. Its tones and textures perfectly replicate the earthy look and feel of real slate, while providing porcelain tile benefits. Giving you a classic look, in a non slip tile package.

Outdoor Porcelain tile 59.8x89.8cm Pierre Paving Beige tile stone effect tile close up with book, strainer and slotted wooden spoon laid out.

Looking for some stylish stone flooring in your outdoor kitchen or bbq area? Pierre Paving Beige by Ca' Pietra could be your secret ingredient.

Pierre Paving Beige has subtle aged effects and a soft tonal variance, adding a refined antique look that complements your outdoors. This Ca' Pietra creation seamlessly blends timeless neutral shades with the environment. 

2. Wood effect outdoor tiles

Wood effect tiles have become increasingly popular in recent years as they offer wood's natural beauty without the maintenance.

Porcelain Paving 30x120cm Arbour Bianco Wood effect outdoor tile —

These outdoor tiles come in a variety of finishes, from light tiles to dark tiles, and can be installed in various patterns to create a unique look.

They're also resistant to moisture, fading, and scratching, making them an excellent alternative to decking.

Don't just stop at your garden patio; why not take them to your terrace or balcony? 

You can even use them as exterior wall tiles too. Just because these outdoor tiles say floor, doesn't mean you can't take the cosy wooden feel to the walls. Use complementing natural shades to add a Scandinavian garden vibe to your outdoor living vision.

 3. Large format outdoor tiles

Large format tiles are a valued piece of kit in any garden's arsenal. Offering classic looks while alluding to more space in cosier areas, there are many reasons to love this timeless outdoor tile.  

Hailes Taupe 20mm Porcelain 60x120cm outdoor tile —

We also love how easy it is to create a garden path from large porcelain tiles. Just bed them into the grass (as above) and hey presto! Instant functionality and ageless style.

To discover more benefits of large format tiles, head over to Large porcelain tiles for outdoor - ideas and advice.

4. Indoor outdoor tiles

Continue your indoor style to your outdoors with the amazing indoor outdoor porcelain tiles. Although a fairly recent trend, we think this one is here to stay because it's just so useful. Want to create the illusion of space? Indoor outdoor tiles. Want to continue your interior theme in your garden? Indoor outdoor tiles.

There are plenty of indoor outdoor tile uses.

Milan's natural shades come in 10mm thickness for indoors and 20mm thickness for outdoors, making this porcelain tile a gem of a find.

To learn more about the wonder that is indoor outdoor tiles, check out 
Indoor outdoor tiles - ideas and uses.

 5. Victorian Patterned Tiles

Peronda tiles FS Star victorian outdoor tile in garden setting with comfy garden chairs and outdoor fireplace.

We love how the Victorian outdoor tiles pattern draws your eye and make a vintage statement. 

Whether it’s your porch, patio, terrace or garden path, Victorian tiles are a style of tile that has been running right from the 1870’s, and is still prevalent in gardens today. This timeless classic provides an element of fun, colour and geometric patterns to any outdoor space.

Victorian floor tiles are a great addition to any outdoor space, and can really make a seating area pop, or provide some character to your pathways.

So there you have it, no matter what your style preference or budget, you’re bound to find a timeless tile trend to suit you and your house and really elevate your outdoor space. 









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