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Outdoor Porcelain tile 60x120cm Hailes Taupe patio with brown sun loungers on it.

Large porcelain tiles for outdoor - ideas and advice

As winter makes way for spring, we're looking forward to finally getting our vitamin D the fun way by escaping to the garden! But if yours is anything like ours, you might be thinking it's time for a refresh. Particularly after the beating the weather's given it recently.

If the thought of doing up your garden is enough to bring you out in a cold sweat, don't worry because we've got an awesome hack to get your garden looking summer socials ready. The ace up our sleeve this time is large format tiles.

So, put down the medicinal chocolate, pause that new box-set, and get ready for the large format tiling revolution.

Benefits of large format tiles

At, we're fully onboard with the dramatic difference large floor tiles can make to your garden. And here's why:

  • Reduced installation time: The larger the tile, the larger the surface area covered, meaning fewer outdoor tiles to lay. Even better is they can be laid using pedestals for pavers (more on that here) So less muss, less fuss. 
  • Illusion of space: A larger surface area with fewer grout lines instantly gives your garden a space boost. Lots of grid-like joint lines give a boxed-in vibe, so a uniform surface area is more conducive to feeling the spacious alfresco dining love.
  • Rectified edges: The straightened tile edges provide a cleaner more perfect joint, allowing narrower gaps between tiles and therefore a crisp, seamless visual across your tile installation.
  • Go big and go home: Large outdoor tiles are very much on-trend at the moment, providing a modern aesthetic to the outdoor part of your home. 
  • Less maintenance: Our large format tiles are porcelain, meaning you can lay them and leave them to look pretty with minimal upkeep.
Also, because these large floor tiles have fewer grout joints, there are fewer crevices for weeds to hunker down in; cue less back-breaking dandelion fighting for you.

    Hailes Silver 20mm Porcelain 60x120cm outdoor tile — 

    To give you a taste of where we're going with this, we're absolutely here for the large format tile colour schemes at the moment. We love the way subtle clay-pink tones embrace the dark silver background of Hailes. It's even more gorgeous when paired with a colour-matched grout to blend the tiles together, creating a flawless expansive finish.

    Now for some large format tile uses:

    Indoor outdoor tiles

    Large format tiling suits a variety of garden shapes, sizes, and situations, including indoor outdoor living. Simply carry your large format tile style from your kitchen or living area to your garden by patio doors and you're on to a crisp, cohesive winner.

    For more on indoor outdoor tile style, check out our ideas and uses blog. We've also got a new range of 100 x 100cm indoor, outdoor coming soon so watch this space! 

    New build garden ideas

    New build gardens can sometimes be tricky to navigate, but this is where outdoor tiles can take center stage to sort out your space. 

    Hailes Taupe 20mm Porcelain 60x120cm outdoor tile —

    Compensate for a lack of lawn with large format tiling in different patio zones; picture lounging in your spacious seating area with a spot of lunch at noon...
    Outdoor Porcelain tile 60x120cm Nexus silver in a garden setting with garden sofa and coffee table in a shady nook.

    Then retiring to your shady nook for socials around the fire pit in the evening. We adore the stunning vein detail and natural stone effect of our Nexus range, which contrasts beautifully against garden greenery. And because Nexus is a non-porous porcelain outdoor tile, it can withstand the shadier parts of your garden (their mould and algae guests too) without losing its youthful looks.  

    Raised Patio

    Outdoor Porcelain tile 60x90cm Natural stone Graphite in a garden setting. featured on raised patio seating area with hammock, garden path and gravel

    Natural stone Anthracite 20mm outdoor tile 60x90cm —

    Why not raise your garden game with a plinth? A tiled, raised patio is a fantastic way to add variation and perspective to your garden. Just imagine surveying down over your outdoor oasis with a chilled glass of sparkling in your hand. All surrounded by your favourite flowers, of course.

    Garden path tiles

    But why stop there? How about joining these two zones together with a garden path? Flagstone floor tiles make the perfect garden walkway. Intersperse with gravel to add texture, tone, and depth, or place longways down the middle of a narrow garden for the illusion of space. 

    Outdoor Tiling Top Tip: For triangular shaped garden ideas, use flagstone tiles to create strong, diagonal lines across your space. The diagonals trick the eye into believing your garden is more evenly spaced and therefore bigger. While the large format tiles outline your garden sections in style. 

     Wood effect tiles

    Another look worth considering is pairing wood effect outdoor tiles with classic-looking porcelain pavers.

    Tagging some decking effect planks to the end of a paved section adds a more rustic and relaxed area to your outdoors. All while providing an intriguing contrast between natural look materials and crisp design. 

    Outdoor Porcelain tile 30x120cm Arbour Natural Wood Paving in a garden setting with garden sofa and rattan table. trees in the background

    Porcelain Paving 30x120cm Arbour Natural Wood effect outdoor tile —

    Still available in the signature 120cm length, this low-maintenance decking alternative comes in at 30cm (half the width of traditional large format tiles) to emulate the chunky plank aesthetic.

    Or, if the wood is really what you're all about, why not use that as your primary source of patio perfection?

    Outdoor Porcelain tile 30x120cm Arbour Bianco Wood Paving in a garden setting from an aerial position. wooden dining set with open book. open patio door and decking surrounded by grass and wood chippings

     Porcelain Paving 30x120cm Arbour Bianco Wood tile —

    We are loving the treehouse-in-the-woods vibe that Arbour Bianco is giving us. Making us feel all the nostalgia for childhood summer adventures while still enjoying lazy outdoor lounging.

    For more on how to choose the right outdoor tiles for you, check out our outdoor tile dedicated blog or our outdoor kitchen advice.

    Tell us your tiling tales 

    Now we've given you plenty of inspo to get you started, it's your turn to get your tile on and show us what you've got. So pop on over to our Instagram and share your tiling tales with us; the good, the bad, and the downright funny. We would love to hear from you.



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