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porcelain paving laid with pedestals for paving. Wood effect slabs with outdoor sofa and coffee table

Pedestals for paving - How to use with outdoor tiles

Adjustable pedestals are here to change the way outdoor tiles are laid. Perfect for the avid garden DIYer and have-a-go horticultural hero alike, these slab stilts take a lot of the time, mess and effort out of laying outdoor porcelain tiles and large format tiles while still providing a durable and hardwearing installation.

If you're here, we're assuming you're already sold on the concept of pedestals for paving and ready to start your installation. If not, here's some information on the benefits of adjustable pedestals and why we love them. 

To get you started on your porcelain patio path, we've made you a list and come up with a handy 'how to' guide that'll get you praising the pedestal and enjoying your downtime in no time.  

Just as a side note, not all pedestals are create equal. This guide is, in parts, specific to the adjustable pedestals sold on so other products may differ. 

What you need:

  • Concrete base or compacted, stable substrate
  • Levelling compound (if needed)
  • Outdoor tiles
  • Plastic adjustable pedestals
  • Spirit level
  • Tile cutter
  • PPE (to include safety goggles, kneepads, dust mask and sturdy gloves)

Laying an outdoor porcelain tile pedestal system - tiling on concrete outdoors

1. To use pedestals for paving, make sure you have either a concrete base or stable substrate upon which to suspend your patio.

If you have concrete, it needs to have cured for at least 6 weeks before you start laying your outdoor tiles.

2. Use levelling compound (according to manufacturer's instructions) to create a water drainage slope of 1:80, or 17mm for every metre of patio. Then leave to set.

3. Once your levelling compound is completely dry and free of dust and debris, dry lay your outdoor tiles as a template for any cuts you may need and to ensure you have enough pavers and pedestals. 

A guide for how to work out pedestal amounts out according to tile size is below:

plastic adjustable pedestals for outdoor tiling. Diagram for how to calculate amounts
A guideline for calculating how many pedestals are needed.

4. When you're ready, start at one corner of your area and place the pedestals where each corner of the first outdoor tile would go, plus any additional supports required for your size tile.

Use the diagram below as a guide for pedestal placement in edges and corners and which tabs to remove:

 kinley plastic adjustable pedestal layout plan

5. Using 1 pedestal as an anchor point, check how even the others are with the spirit level and adjust by twisting the pedestals up or down as required.

Outdoor tile placed in between tabs on adjustable pedestal.

6. Carefully place your first tile into position between the tabs. Use your spirit level to check the tile is level across all directions. Adjust pedestals, if needed and check levels again.

Tiling Top Tip: Remember to remove tabs as required on side and centre support pedestals.

7. Repeat the process for the next tile, using the spirit level to check the tiles are level in comparison with each other. 

Kinley plastic adjustable pedestals on stable substrate with 2 outdoor tiles sat on top side by side

Plastic Adjustable Pedestals for porcelain outdoor tile or slabs RAAFT — 2 outdoor tiles laid side by side against adjustable pedestal tab

8. Continue this process until your patio is complete.

Paving up to patio edges with adjustable pedestals

9. This is where the pedestals we recommend really come into their own because they don't need trimming! All you have to do is position them inside the tile corner and against the patio edge, level them and away you go. See diagram above for details.

Cutting outdoor porcelain tiles

10. Some outdoor tiles may need cutting as part of your patio. If that's the case, a wet-saw is probably best. For more information, check out our guide How to cut tiles. Then follow the pedestal diagram for which pedestal tabs to remove and how to slot your cut tile into your patio.

After you've finished, it's time to sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Then, when you're suitably recharged, drop us a photo to or tag us on Instagram so we can admire your creation.

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