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20mm tiles sat on top of plastic pedestals with deck chairs

Pedestals for paving - benefits for outdoor porcelain tiles

More than ever we're finding a sense of calm and wellbeing in our outdoor spaces and gardens. So it's only right that if our space no longer lives up to expectations, that we change it.

Gone are the days of putting up with the old, sad looking patio and here to stay is the new, refreshed, porcelain outdoor version with its low maintenance and easy install.

But wait, there's more. Patio installations just got even simpler and more conducive to DIY garden projects, with the invention of plastic adjustable pedestals! We would even go so far as to put them on a pedestal (geddit?) because that's how innovative they are for laying outdoor tiles. 

Even more miraculous is that pedestals don't require any cement, sand, mortar or grout to lay 20mm outdoor tiles, therefore eliminating a lot of time and mess. Magic!

What are adjustable pedestals for outdoor tiles? 

different sizes pedestals on solid ground against a wall with 3 outdoor porcelain tiles


In a nutshell, they are height adjustable stilts for your floor. Available in different height ranges, these little gems take the hard-work out of levelling outdoor garden tiles by twisting up or down according to your requirements.


adjustable pedestal housing 2 light outdoor porcelain tiles on concrete

They also fill the role of tile spacers and holders, so your large outdoor tiles and large format tiles will stay in position and hold everything down with their own weight. This is known as a 'suspended system' because the tiles aren't fixed to the substrate (the ground, in this case) and that creates a pocket of space underneath the pavers. 

Why use paving pedestals?

There are many benefits to using adjustable pedestals in your patio installation. Here's some of them:

  • Multiple tile layout options; pedestals have removeable tile holder tabs meaning you can still do any layout your tile allows.

  • Less slippery; as rain and water drop through the un-grouted outdoor tile joints and run off underneath, there's less surface water for children to slip on while playing.

  • Family friendly; who hasn't had an unexpected flying lesson because of uneven slabs? Well, because pedestals provide an easy to level surface, your little ones can run to their hearts content, while you're reassured there's fewer trip hazards for them to go splat over.

  • Ideal for patios in shady nooks; less standing surface water means less potential for algae and moss growth meaning your patio with stay looking fresher for longer.

  • Hides away cables, pipes etc; the ground gap created by the pedestals can be used to tuck away any unsightly power cables, pipes etc you might need for further garden innovations. Like a hot tub. Or a garden room complete with pool table and TV. Just saying...

  • Cover and protect; easily installed on unattractive waterproofing membranes to keep them out of sight and secure.

  • Keeps damp course safe; allows ground floor patio areas to be made flush with the house without compromising damp course.

  • Easy to change when you change your mind; outdoor tiles can easily be reconfigured or removed completely as they are not permanently fixed with mortar and grout.

Where to use a pedestal paving system

Of course the obvious use for these is patio installation but you aren't limited to just that. Because flex isn't an issue (there's no mortar or grout to crack) pedestals for paving are brilliant solutions for converting unused rooftops, decks and terraces into attractive, hard-wearing, useful areas which can increase the footprint of your building.



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