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Outdoor Porcelain tile 60x90cm Everest Anthracite in a lounge and terrace setting. bi-fold doors open the lounge to the terrace. Bookcases line the walls with a white sofa in the lounge

Indoor outdoor tiles - ideas and uses

Gardens are no longer just a play area for the kids or a place to cultivate beautiful plants and flowers; they’ve evolved into dining areas where you enjoy a few drinks with friends, outdoor kitchens where you cook pizzas, BBQs and anything else that tickles your fancy, and lounging areas where you relax, cosy up in front of a fire and watch caveman TV.

With that new mindset comes a new way of combining homeliness with the outdoors, by linking the floors into an indoor outdoor living area.

Indoor outdoor tiles

Using the same floor throughout different areas to create space is a trick most interior designers know but us mere mortals are yet to really embrace. How does this work? Well, because the same flooring is used, there’s no ‘hard stop’ or boundary marker for the eye to see and this creates the illusion of more space. Especially if your floor continues into the great outdoors.

Another trick is to use bi-fold doors to camouflage the join between indoor and outdoor areas to add to the space effect.

And the great news is there’s plenty of tiles to choose from to achieve the space effect. Products are no longer just separated as porcelain tiles for outdoor use or wall tiles or floor tiles; gone are the days of the single use! Just check your chosen tile’s product description for its specified area suitability and if it says indoor/ outdoor, happy days! 

Here’s a few multiuse tiles we love:

40x60cm Keystone Stone tile dining room floor with wooden table, white table, stools and fruit on the tables

 Keystone Stone Tile | 40x60cm —

Keystone is porcelain tile that is so versatile, it can be used on walls, floors, indoors and outdoors. This gorgeously textured stone effect tile captures clay pink tones with neutral grey highlights to give a natural look that won’t fade or stain.

Picture its earthy hues spilling out from your kitchen to your outdoor dining area, tying the two together. 

20x20cm Remor pattern tile as a garden tile, with a bench, fence, grass and teapot

Remor pattern tile | 20x20cm porcelain floor tile Dune —

The anti-slip rating on this indoor style tile makes taking kitchen flooring outside a piece of cake. Patterned tiles like this are also great on terraces, giving visual interest and character to a cosy space. 

The Hampton Victorian floor tile would make a gorgeous outdoor kitchen floor or a front door pathway. It's also available in deep blue.

How do I choose indoor tiles for outdoor use?

Now we’ve whet your appetite, there’s just a few more things you need to know about using indoor tiles for the great outdoors:

  • Ant-slip rating: if you plan on using your indoor outdoor tile as flooring, make sure it has a good anti-slip rating. Porcelain tiles are the go-to here, but even then you really want one with a rating range of R11-R13 to make sure you don’t go flying when walking on your patio.

Of course, if you’re planning on using them as wall tiles, crack on with a lower R rating; if no one’s walking on them, no problem!

  • Designed use: please don’t be tempted to use tiles that don’t specify outdoor use. As the elements outside are a lot harsher than those inside, all outdoor tiles have to undergo rigorous tests and standards to make sure they cut the mustard. Gauging how frost-proof they are is just one of them.

You don’t want to fall in love with your patio tiles in the summer to mourn them cracked and broken at the first frost.

Porcelain tiles for outdoor 

Porcelain garden tiles can be used indoors without having a specific indoor categorisation; as outdoor tiles must meet higher standards, they’re more than able to withstand the trials and tribulations of daily household life.

As garden tiles generally come in a 20mm thickness, you will have to accommodate this during installation, but as long as you get your depths and substrate right, it’s all good.

Here’s some of our favourites:

Stone effect tiles 

Unlike their natural counterparts, porcelain stone effect tiles are non-porous (so don't need sealing) and digitally printed so won’t fade. Therefore, you get all the beauty of a stone floor, in a long-lasting and low maintenance package.

100x100cm Marseille White tile in an indoor outdoor setting, hacienda style. with lounging area and bookcases

Marseille White porcelain tile 100x100cm Alaplana tiles —

This absolutely stunning off white porcelain tile would be a fantastic addition to your space. Specifically engineered to suit indoor and outdoor environments, this porcelain tile is the ideal accompaniment to lazy summer afternoons and BBQs in the sun. 
Outdoor Porcelain tile 60x90cm Everest Anthracite in a lounge and terrace setting. bi-fold doors open the lounge to the terrace. Bookcases line the walls with a white sofa in the lounge

Everest Anthracite 20mm Porcelain Paving Slab | 60x90cm outdoor tile —

Everest’s large size, coupled with narrow grout lines create the illusion of space, as it seamlessly joins living room, kitchen or conservatory to your garden. Sure to suit any colour scheme, the Everest range is also available in beige and grey. 

59x59cm Sandstone White Rect in a lounge and garden setting.  bi-fold doors in the middle of the floor.  lounge has red and blue sofas, garden has BBQ and dining set

 Sandstone White Rect tile | 59x59cm —

Rectified porcelain tiles are a brilliant indoor outdoor option because they allow for narrower grout lines, increasing the sense of space. This large format outdoor tile also comes in a half-length, meaning you can play about with tile layouts. If white isn’t your thing, Sandstone also comes in grey.

Wood effect tiles

Outdoor Porcelain tile 30x120cm Arbour Natural Wood Paving in a garden setting with garden sofas, established trees and large terracotta potted plants

Porcelain Paving 30x120cm Arbour Natural Wood effect outdoor tile —

Perfectly defining the delicate textures and golden tones of real timber, our wood effect tile combines interior design style with the outdoors to continue your rustic vibe. Lay outside with our paving pedestals for easy installation.

Outdoor Porcelain tile 30x120cm Arbour Bianco Wood Paving as a deck in a garden setting with garden furniture on top of it

 Porcelain Paving 30x120cm Arbour Bianco Wood tile —

At 120cm long, this stunningly detailed tile poses a more durable alternative to decking. With its digitally printed distressed look, this is an outdoor flooring that won't warp and needs minimal maintenance. Carry this style inside your home for a truly rich indoor outdoor flooring statement.

Concrete effect tiles


80x80cm Loft Beige tile in an indoor outdoor setting with palm leave effect wall, bi-fold doors and sofa with coffee tables


Loft Beige tile | 80x80cm porcelain floor tile Rondine —

The inspiration for the Loft range was born from traditional industrial concrete flooring. The natural form of cement has been elegantly mixed to be very resistant and adaptable to several design ideas; allowing you to furnish your rooms with a minimal style, that will not go unnoticed.

Same style porcelain tile in 20mm and 10mm

Want indoor and outdoor cohesion but still have 10mm inside and the sturdiness of 20mm outside? Well, you can because the Milan range comes in a 10mm indoor depth and a 20mm outdoor depth. But wait, there's more! Milan also comes in soft grey, grey and beige to complement any garden colour palette.

Outdoor Porcelain tile 60x60cm Milan Anthracite in a garden setting with bi-fold doors, and love chair garden furniture

Milan Anthracite 20mm Porcelain Paving Slab 60x60cm outdoor floor tile —

Pair with one of our exterior wall tiles, like the one below, to add an extra dimension to your garden décor. The split textures mimic fine brickwork while adding rich tones and a Mediterranean feel. 

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