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Free delivery on all orders over £500
Free delivery on all orders over £500

60x120cm Diurne Oxide Large tile

SKU L047776
We currently have 58 m2 in stock.
£59.99 m2
Original price £42.85 - Original price £42.85
Original price
£42.85 tile
£42.85 - £42.85
Current price £42.85 tile

Request a free Sample tile before ordering If the tile is large in size you will receive an off cut approx 10x10cm.
If you request more than 3 different tiles you will be charged a postage and packaging rate.

With an avant-garde design and decidedly industrial look, this porcelain tile accurately recreates the appearance of a metal sheet aged by time. The rust marks and colour variations make Diurne Oxide the perfect choice for avant-garde walls and floors with an industrial effect. To soften the industrial appearance of the tiles, combine with glass surfaces and white walls.

A glazed porcelain tile with a matt finish. Large porcelain tiles such as this can create an illusion of space in smaller rooms because of fewer grout lines.

Frost-proof tiles are an important consideration for rooms where the temperature may drop below zero such as utility rooms and conservatories. Tiles with a frost-proof glaze have a water absorption rate of less than 0.5% meaning they are ideal for such conditions. Tiles which are not frost-proof may absorb water which would freeze at zero and below, causing the tile to crack.

Please note that while we take every effort to accurately display each tile, variations in screen resolution, lighting and different production batches may affect your viewing. We recommend requesting a FREE tile sample to help you purchase the right tile for your home or business.

Price per Sq. Metre £59.99
Dimensions 600 x 1200 mm
Thickness 10 mm
Tiles per sq. metre 1.4  
Tiles per box 2  
Coverage per box 1.44 m2
Material Glazed Porcelain
Colour Dark Rust  
Finish Matt
Texture Flat smooth
Wall or Floor tile Both wall and floor tile  
Area Indoor
Glazed ⓘ The coat of enamel or liquid glass that is applied to ceramic and porcelain tiles. Glazed tiles are non-absorbent so do not require sealing. Yes
Requires Sealing ⓘ unglazed tiles will absorb liquid, which will lead to staining. Thus it’s necessary to apply a protective sealant to unglazed tiles. No
Frost proof ⓘ Different types of tiles have different water absorption rates. porcelain tiles are engineered to be frostproof in temperatures below zero as they don’t absorb water (non porous). Yes
Rectified edge ⓘ Has been mechanically cut or ground down to an exact size. The edges are usually precisely cut at a square 90-degree angle. Yes
underfloor heating Yes
Anti slip ⓘ Slip rating given to determine how slippy a tile is. R9 has a small degree of slip resistance, right up to R13, which is the highest slip resistance. R9 and R10 values are often used for domestic situations such as bathrooms and kitchens. No (R9)
PEI rating ⓘ PEI ratings help you determine the hardness and durability of a floor tile.
PEI 3 Light to moderate (normal) traffic.
PEI 4 Moderate to heavy traffic.
Fire hearths / surround Yes
Trim size 10 mm
Barcode 8430705178346