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Star White Pattern Floor Tile 45x45cm as a kitchen floor tile

5 Ideas to Style Star Tiles

Star Tiles: 5 Ideas to Style Star Tiles

Homeowners today are spoilt for choice with the diverse range of stylish tiles available in the market. Every homeowner desires a home décor that captures their unique personality and style, adding star tiles can be a great way to add character to your space. With their versatility, star tiles can be used in different ways to achieve a variety of looks, from rustic style to Victorian geometrics to boho chic. In this post, we’ll take a look at 5 different ways star tiles can be used in your home, from creating an eye-catching kitchen splashback to elevating the look of your bathroom floor.

  1. Boho Vibes

If your personal style leads towards boho chic, then a star tile design can be perfect for this interior vibe too. With neutral colour tones, the star tiles will fit in with the boho aesthetic and add a unique touch to your home. Create a statement with star tiles for your kitchen, living room or hallway tiles and pair them with lots of texture, which will elevate the look towards the simple, boho Scandi style that’s also synonymous with ‘hygge’ and a sense of interior warmth and tranquillity.

  1. Rustic Ambiance

Star tiles can help add warmth and texture to achieve a rustic look. Star tiles in earthy tones, or warming blue star tiles add a welcoming feel to any room or space in your home. Imagine your kitchen adorned with rustic star tiles as a statement splashback or stepping onto a statement bathroom star floor tile pattern. This style is popular among homeowners who love the cosy, welcoming feeling in their living spaces and it transcends type, making it equally befitting of a modern home, or a traditional barn conversion or terraced house.

  1. Victorian Geometrics

Victorian geometric tile design is an incredible example of the sophistication and style that can be accomplished with star tiles. One of the most significant styles of Victorian tiles is the geometric design that features a combination of diamonds, triangles, and stars. Create an authentic touch with star tiles that are inspired by Victorian tile design styles, but personalised to make a contemporary statement that’s entirely unique to your home design.

  1. Kitchen Splashback

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and adding star tiles to your kitchen splashback can help create a visually stunning space. You can choose from different colours and patterns that suit your taste and style. This way of using star tiles has become heavily associated with influencers on social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, who have beautifully showcased how to use them in mid-century homes and contemporary apartments paired with monochrome accents and mixed metals. Adding star tiles to your kitchen splashback, among other cool decorative elements, is an interesting way to enhance and beautify your kitchen space.

  1. Bathroom Floors

Renovating your bathroom with star tiles is a fantastic way to add a touch of luxury and elegance to your space. If you want to create a striking ambience, you can opt for larger star tiles, or combine them with other tiles for a unique look. Bathroom tiles with star patterns are a great starting place for making your bathroom look visually appealing and can lean towards both traditional and contemporary styling. For modern and sleek simplicity, like Scandi-inspired design, pair black star tiles with black fixtures and fittings. For a nod to the past, such as a bathroom in a Victorian terrace home that’s been modernised, you can pair star tiles with updated brass hardware and still execute a style that’s both traditional and contemporary.

Whether you’re looking to create a boho vibe in your living room, add a nod to Victorian geometrics in your hallway, or create an eye-catching kitchen splashback, the versatility of star tiles can help make your design dreams a reality. From rustic style to Victorian tile design to boho chic, there are so many ways to style star tiles in your home. We hope that these 5 ideas have given you the inspiration to try something different and elevate the look of your home. Have a browse of our star tiles range and start exploring the possibilities today!

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