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Pink brick wall tiles with a breakfast bar and stools

Pink Tile Inspiration: The Colour Trend of 2024

When it comes to home design, colours are just as important as the furniture and decorations themselves. The right colour choices can elevate your home’s aesthetic and create a comfortable, welcoming space. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Dulux, has chosen a soft, blush pink shade, ‘Sweet Embrace’, as their Colour of the Year for 2024. And, as if on cue, pink tiles are making a comeback as well.

Whether you opt for a soft pastel shade or you’re more in mind for a vibrant, punchy magenta for your upcoming renovation project, the incorporation of pink hues can set the stage for either statement style or a tranquil and sophisticated atmosphere, where relaxation takes centre stage. Pink tiles are expected to become a major home design trend, so let's explore how they can be incorporated into your home’s decor.

Are pink bathrooms and kitchens back in style?

For years, homeowners had been shying away from pink bathroom and kitchen tiles. They were once thought of as dated, and often fell out of style. However, in recent times, we’ve seen a resurgence in interest in pink floor tiles and pink wall tiles, bringing pink interiors to the forefront once more. This interior style is for anyone looking to give their space a chic and trendy look. Pink has the unique ability to infuse a sense of airiness and whimsical energy into your living space and pink tiles can be used to create a myriad of stunning interior design themes that suit different styles, be that an opulent bathroom scheme with pink bathroom tiles or a funky kitchen splashback.

Meadow Hedgerow pattern tiles and pink brick tiles behind a free standing bath

Meadow Hedgerow Matt wall tile 30x60cm

Which other colours go with pink tiles?

When people think of pink, they might picture a one-colour-themed room or overkill. But there’s no need to worry as pink tiles pair perfectly with neutral shades like beige and white. Not only does this combination look sleek and modern, but it also makes a room feel more spacious. Alternatively, adding metallic accents like polished brass, gold or copper handles and taps helps to create a luxurious and grandeur feel, also adding a reflective touch of glam to a kitchen or bathroom.

If you’re planning to pair your pink tiles with a complimenting hue, then you can’t go wrong with a soft green or grey tile to add warmth, and green in its varying forms of jade, aqua and sage, paired with a blush pink tile offers an elegant and nostalgic feel. For a bold and sophisticated scheme, pink tiles set alongside a rich navy tile can look both timeless and modern, creating a sense of balance.

Mono Hex Daisy Pink Satin Mosaic 26x30cm

What are the benefits of using pink tiles in your home?

Besides the obvious benefits of following an exciting new design trend, pink tiles bring a range of advantages to your home’s interior. For one, they can add more depth and dimension to a room when used alongside plain walls or fixtures. Moreover, it evokes strong feelings of warmth, tranquillity and calmness, making them perfect for bathrooms - a room where relaxation is most important. For kitchens, the use of a pink tile can transform the feel of a high-traffic area, particularly if you pave the way with a blush-hued floor tile, or an iridescent splashback to invoke a sense of calm. The possibilities with pink tiles are endless, and their versatility ensures they work well in both large and small rooms.

So it seems pink tiles are making a comeback, and we can see why. They offer a range of benefits such as flexibility in design, warmth and depth to a room. By pairing pink tiles with neutral shades or metallic accents, we can create a variety of interior design themes within your homes, whether it be sleek and modern or luxurious and grandeur. If you’re hoping to incorporate pink tiles into your home, check out our range of pink tiles. And with free shipping, tile samples, and professional advice, you'll be well on your way to creating a stunning, on-trend design in no time.

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