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Black floor tiles

  • £34.99 m2

    Chequer black & white floor tile 45x45cm

    In stock

    A black and white floor tile. This 45x45cm Chequer red-body ceramic floor tile is made up of different models designed by Francisco Segarra, all b...

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  • £30.00 m2

    Harrow Grafito Pattern floor tile 31.6x31.6cm

    In stock

    Harrow Grafito pattern tile 31.6x31.6cm. A red body ceramic tile with a matt finish. The Harrow Grafito is a patterned floor tile with a black and...

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  • £32.98 m2

    Star Dark Night Pattern Floor Tile 45x45cm

    In stock

    The successful FS STAR tile collection, designed by interior designer and furniture designer Francisco Segarra, expands its range of colours includ...

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Black tiles are the definition of sophistication and contemporary elegance, making them a bold statement choice for interior design. Their sleek and modern appearance adds depth and drama to any space, creating a striking contrast against lighter colours or serving as a dramatic focal point in monochromatic schemes.

Whether you’re looking at patterned floor tiles, porcelain tiles or marble effect tiles, black tiles command attention and convey a sense of luxury and refinement. Their versatility allows them to complement a variety of design styles, from minimalist and industrial to chic and glamorous.

With their timeless appeal and bold aesthetic, black tiles are sure to make a stylish statement in any room. Browse our Black Floor Tiles range now.

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