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Pink Bathroom Tiles

  • £16.25 sheet

    Bamboo Blush Gloss Mosaic 28.4x29.5cm

    Sold by the sheet. Also known as a pencil or Kit Kat mosaic. The Bamboo Blush Gloss mosaic is a porcelain mosaic with a gloss finish. The Bamboo mo...

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  • £93.31 m2

    California Rose tile 60x120cm

    California Rose polished porcelain tile 60x120cm A glazed porcelain tile with a polished finish. California Rose imitates the deep luxe of real ony...

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  • £12.50 sheet

    Gelato Scallop Cotton Candy Mosaic 25.9x27.3cm

    The Gelato Scallop Cotton Candy mosaic is a porcelain mosaic with a gloss finish. The Gelato mosaic range consists of scallop shaped tiles which ar...

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  • £88.05 m2

    Medina Brick Rosa tile 7x28cm

    Medina Rosa is a pink brick tile 7x28cm by Ca Pietra. Each box contains shade variations between tiles. A glazed porcelain tile with a matt finish....

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  • £99.09 m2

    Medina Hexagon Rosa tile 14x16cm

    Medina Hexagon Rosa matt porcelain tile 14x16cm A glazed porcelain tile with a matt finish. The Medina range is a collection of pastel tones, with ...

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  • £11.53 sheet

    Mono Hex Daisy Pink Satin Mosaic 26x30cm

    Sold by the sheet. Craft a modern, luxe look with these Mono Hex Daisy Pink Satin Mosaic tiles. Measuring just 26x30cm, the small but sweet tiles f...

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  • £60.05 m2

    Oken Garnet Hexagon tile 26.7x23.2cm

    Original Style Tileworks range Oken Garnet Hexagon porcelain wall and floor tile with a matt finish. Introducing the Oken Hexagon Tile - a classic ...

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  • £90.90 m2

    Parisian Cafe Tri Rosa Pattern tile 20x20cm

    Sold by the box of 25 tiles = 1 square metre per box.  Parisian Cafe Tri Rosa porcelain tile 20x20cm by Ca' Pietra. A glazed porcelain tile with a ...

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  • £18.00 sheet

    Yoga Blush Mosaic 31x33cm

    The Yoga Blush mosaic is a porcelain mosaic with a gloss finish. The Yoga mosaic range is a penny round mosaic collection which has a raku effect o...

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Pink bathroom tiles can instantly infuse a sense of charm and nostalgia into any space. The soft and soothing hue of pink tiles brings a touch of elegance and playfulness to the bathroom, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere. Whether you opt for blush pink hexagon tile for a classic, timeless look or go for a striking pink marble effect tile to make a bold statement, pink bathroom tiles have a versatile appeal that can complement various design styles.

Perfect for both bathroom wall tiles and bathroom floor tiles, pair your pink bathroom tiles with white fixtures and accessories for a clean and fresh aesthetic or combine them with gold accents for a touch of luxury. In the world of interior design, pink bathroom tiles continue to be a beloved choice, evoking a sense of vintage glamour and modern chic simultaneously.

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